Tuesday, November 25, 2014

News Flash: Anthony Begin's Cancer in Remission

NEWS FLASH:  Anthony Begin’s Cancer in Remission

Yesterday I had the distinct pleasure and honor to talk with Anthony Begin at the Concord State Prison for Men.  Anthony is the 42 year old man we have been praying for. Now his cancer has suddenly gone into remission thanks – no doubt – to your prayers.  A few weeks ago Anthony was taken to the medical unit and told that he had only one month to live.  Then they gave him 5 to 6 months to live, and now they are saying that he has years to live.  He will have a PET scan every three months.  Dr. God will have the last word.

Anthony is grateful to TSW readers for their prayers, cards and letters, and their example as Catholics.  He is also grateful for his conversion.  He is happy to be back in a bunk just outside the cell of Father Gordon and Pornchai Maximilian. They will take good care of him as they do with all suffering souls placed in their vicinity. 

TSW readers met Anthony in June in a post about him:  “Pentecost, Priesthood and Death in the Afternoon.”   Your prayers began and the Lord heard them.  Anthony thanks you profusely!

Anthony sounded incredibly upbeat when we spoke yesterday.  He is very happy to be back near Fr. Gordon and Pornchai Max for whatever time God gives him on this Earth. Those two men were his backbone in the early days of his diagnosis, and the only time they could see him was at Sunday Mass when Anthony felt well enough to attend. They requested permission to visit him in the medical unit, and only Pornchai Max was permitted one visit.

Tests have revealed that the cancer has gone into full remission, and Anthony was able to move out of the hospital unit.  Hallelujah!  Who says prayer doesn’t work? Our Lord heard our prayers and Anthony is extremely grateful to all TSW readers and their families and friends who spoke to God on his behalf.  He asks that you continue praying for him as he prays for you.

Someone sent Anthony a rosary and a medal that the prison rejected.  Please remember that only cards and letters can be sent to prisoners. Nothing laminated or gifts can be sent to the prison, and will be returned or destroyed. The same rules that are on Father Gordon’s CONTACT page at TSW applies to Anthony as well. 

Let us rejoice for God is good!  All the time!  All the time, God is good! And we thank Him for His goodness and mercy, and for Anthony.