Tuesday, March 29, 2011


(With apologies to all poets.)

A few years ago I moved into this quiet haven seemingly designed for seniors and those who wanted no mowing, watering, snow-shoveling, etc.

After a few years, we began to notice the gradual increase of small children. The Board of Directors received complaints about kids running, jumping, bumping and the like, all in the second floor units.

In my building we reveled in our peace and quiet. I never heard one sound from those who lived over me. And then a couple moved into the condo over me. When they walk, the walls shake. It sounded as if giants walked overhead. I gritted my teeth.

And then little ones began arriving. My peace was over. I could even tell who was walking at any given moment. I named them Big Foot, Little Big Foot, and the Kid.
A neighbor and I recently commiserated with each other. A child lives over her also. Kids never walk when they can run. Running through an apartment doesn’t make much sense, but it’s what they do. Parents never think of the people who live under them until it’s brought to their attention that their lil darlings are disturbing other residents. And then the parents resent being asked to control their children and stop annoying the hell out of other residents!

I have enjoyed my little haven these 16 years, but now I fear I’ll have to find another haven. I will let somebody else “enjoy” the elephants overhead. I can only pray that when prospective buyers come to see my unit, the folks upstairs will be out or asleep. Nobody is going to willingly live underneath what sounds like a herd of elephants? Have you noticed that people with children almost always live in upstairs units? Should be a law against it!